Flow Chemistry

Flow chemistry is a gnereric term used for chemical transformations carried out in continuous operation using one of the Flow PI reactors. In general with these reactors the heat and Mass transfer rates are 102 to 103 times higher than the conventional stirred reactors. As a result many potentially hazardous reactions (highly exhothermic reactions and multi phase systems) can be carried out at less severe conditions, continuously and safely.

Differentiated Technologies through PI

Sravathi’s stated goal is to develop and commercially translate Differentiated Process Technologies (DPTs) using process intensification principles, equipment and methods. We define A differentiated technology as new process which improves on any or all of the following factors compared to what is currently practised
1. Improved safety in the process
2. Improved specific consumption of energy and material
3. Reduced pain points in the process
4. Reduced manual intenvention (continous process)
5. Improved effluent quality
6. Flexibility to tune up or down to match the market demands.
7. Flexibility to use the equipment to multiple processes (with similar chemistries).


We built the labs in Bengaluru with highest safety standards and compliant with all the regulations for chemical R&D labs. It is a zero discharge facility. Liquid waste generated is segregated into organic, halogenated and aqueous wates. The aqueous waste is neutralized to maintain pH>7 with primary treatment and sent out for secondary treatment.


We have installed fume hoods for lab synthesis and canopy hoods for bench scale operations. The hoods are all connected to air handling systems which comprises of the suction line with scrubber and independent fresh air supply into the labs. The scrubber system cleans up the exhaust gas prior to discharging into air. We have contracted with certified effluent treatment companies to take the effluents we generate periodically and dispose of safely according to KSPCB laws.