Sravathi is a dynamic organization with a blend of employees with varied backgrounds, experience levels, expertis & competencies in different scientific fields. We have doctorates in science and engineering with applied research experience in respective fields and young graduates and post graduates with an attitude to achieve excellence.
Our multi-disciplinary skills in Research and development include capabilities in:
1. Advanced Synthetic Chemistry - Lab scale from grams to kilograms scale
2. Process development and Process Intensification-Lab Screening modules and Bench scale modules
3. Data Sciences and Predictive Chemistry
4. Analytical chemistry
Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary teams ensure development of novel advanced differentiated process intensification technologies from reaction section to downstream section, scalability, CDP, BEP and support in building scale-up facilities


PI equipment
The main focus of Sravathi is to develop differentiated process technologies, using process intensification principles.. The goal is to commercialize as many technologies as possible with minimum turn around time. The focus is on reaction and downstream simplification so as to bring in an order of magnitude higher efficiency in process technologies for specialty chemicals. To this end we have invested in state of the art flow reactors, downstream equipment for crystallization, liquid extraction and continuous drying.

Analytical lab

We have sophisticated analytical lab with several HPLCs and UPLC, and GCs apart from other standard equipment for titration, loss on drying etc.

With these instruments, we can perform all the analysis needed for process development and optimization. We have also tied up with external labs for GC MS, NMR and other advanced characterization studies.

Organic Synthesis lab

We focussed on building capability (technical and personnel) in carrying out a variety of synthetic chemistries. Oxidations, hydrogenations, halogenations, nitrations, reductions, aminations and amidations, alkylations, acylations, side chain halogenations, C-C bond forming reactions, Grignard reactions, Rearrangements, Cycloadditions, Heterocyclics, esterifications, polymerizations, condensations, displacements, organometallics, carbohydrates, asymmetric synthesis, peptides, nucleosides, to name a few.

We have built a state of the art lab with all standard equipment needed for organic synthesis and process inventions. We are well equipped to carry out a variety of chemistries witin a temperature range of -20 to 250OC, multiphase reactions. All systems are provided with accurate process control.

Business Model

1. Develop Differentiated Process technologies ready for commercial translation
  • License out to customers completed Technology Package.
  • Develop completed Technology package for customer molecules through royalties/onetime fee mechanisms.
2. Transfer of IP & technology of DPTs with revenue sharing options.

Build flexible plants with multiple products – mainly low volume & high margin products.

3. Licence out DPTs as Conceptual Engineering Package (CEP).

Focus Industries


Pharma building blocks, intermediates & APIs


Specialty chemicals building blocks, monomers & Polymers




Performance Chemicals


Additives / Fragrances /Catalyst

Why Choose Us

The aim of Sravathi is to develop new breakthrough technologies using advanced tools such as flow chemistry (both reactions & downstream), modelling techniques and Artificial Intelligence. The company believes in “multi-disciplinary experts" to solve problems and built capabilities accordingly.

• End to end process technology development

• Differentiated & IP protected technologies through Flow Chemistry

• 100+ years of Industry experience collectively to solve Industry problems with multiple disciplines.

• State of art facilities in the area of Flow Chemistry (both reaction, downstream, Lab/bench scale)

• Experts from Petrochemical Industries where “continuous manufacturing” is already practiced – able to translate to Pharma Industry quickly.

Partner With Us

Data Sciences

There are many companies working on Process Intensification concepts (Flow chemistry) for developing continuous manufacturing of Drug molecules, Intermediates, agrochemical, special chemicals, polymers etc…. Similarly, many startups and companies are working on AI/ML concepts to discover molecules/materials/polymers etc.. or optimize processes for reactions. We will be first company to take synergy between these two independent concepts of AI and PI and get synergy between these two concepts.